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Introducing Dr. Tammy Graham-Fortune

Your Dentist

Tammy Graham-Fortune, DMD is your full-service dental office offering the finest dental care solutions for a broad range of oral health needs and conditions. We provide complete care whether you need general dentistry or cosmetic treatments to improve your smile’s appearance. From dentures to fillings, we do it all.

When you trust Tammy Graham-Fortune, DMD with your dental care, you will benefit from the gifts of a highly-skilled and experienced dentist that will lead you to optimal oral health. Our dental office has served Louisville, Kentucky since 1971 because our patients know that they can rely on us to put their needs first and give them the personal care they deserve.

You want quality dental care from a dependable and caring staff and we are here for you. Call 502-267-8176 today to schedule an appointment to make your smile bright and healthy.

Dental Services

Honest Treatment to Meet Your Needs


Fillings and Crowns

Sometimes dental decay happens, but we can get your teeth healthy again with restorations such as fillings, crowns and bridges. 

Beautiful Smile

Dental Check-Up

Dr. Tammy Graham-Fortune is happy to see all members of the family for their cleaning and check-ups.

At the Dentist


Dr. Fortune will refer you to a top notch specialist for implant placement to ensure longevity of implant.  We will coordinate with specialist to finish the restoration in our office. 

Smiling Bride


$20 Laughing Gas With Treatment!*

We understand that you may be anxious about coming to the dentist. That is why we are offering calming, nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) sedation with treatment! For just $10, feel relaxed during your next visit!

*Nitrous sedation only.

Brushing Teeth


We LOVE Opalescence Go! Achieve great results with convenience and limited sensitivity. Ask about whitening at your next appointment.



Fluoride helps to strengthen enamel and prevent cavities. Fluoride can also help protect existing fillings and crowns especially for those with dry mouth.

Image by Umanoide

Digital X-Rays

This new system provides superior image quality and is safer for our patients due to reduced radiation exposure.  We also offer extraoral x-rays for those patients that cannot tolerate x-ray sensors in their mouths due to anatomy or gag reflex.

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